This was proven nicely by Emily

Sarah acquires the Witchblade on November 11th (11/11) and she works at the 11th Precinct. Back from the Dead: Everyone who died in season one, thanks to the Reset Button Ending. Badass Normal: Sara, without the Witchblade. But Thou Must!: the mind bending machine has a big switch with two positions that are both labeled “on”. Call It Karma: The Guru will not help you if you killed Sushi or the Squirrel. Unless you bribe him.

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Designer Replica Handbags The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: One of the most extreme examples. Glurge: Invoked and parodied with “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy”, an awful, maudlin vaudeville number about a little girl who sends a love note stamped with kisses to her father in Heaven. It’s first heard performed by Debbie Burton in the most quavering, histrionic, off key way imaginable, just to make it all sillier; it gets even creepier when Jane, now over 55 and with her actual father long dead, performs it again. Designer Replica Handbags

Unfortunately he stutters and flubs the first line, and just calls the name of his power out. Made more hilarious when Mirei steals his power, and comments on how useless it is, leading to him begging for it back. Tomoyo in episode 3 during the tennis match with Andou.

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While the werewolves are considered the protectors of people in the series, one still ought to not dismiss the dangers of being romantically involved with one, mostly because anger and stress can trigger a transformation. This was proven nicely by Emily, who refused Sam’s advances and led him to shape shifting too close and slashing up her face. They get engaged anyway..

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