They had a special assignment for the night

moncler outlets uk Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Describe Topless Photo Shoot and Uneasy Night Out moncler outlets uk

moncler coats cheap When the Washington Redskins took their cheerleading squad to Costa Rica in 2013 for a calendar photo shoot, the first cause for concern among the cheerleaders came when Redskins officials collected best moncler jackets their passports upon arrival at moncler outlet the resort, depriving cheap moncler jackets them of their official identification. moncler coats cheap

womens moncler jackets For the photo shoot, at uk moncler outlet the adults only Occidental Grand Papagayo resort on Culebra Bay, some of the cheerleaders said they were required to be topless, though the photographs used for the calendar would not show nudity. Others wore nothing but body paint. Given the resort’s secluded setting, such revealing poses would not have been a concern for the women except that moncler outlet sale the Redskins had invited spectators. womens moncler jackets

moncler jackets outlet online One evening, at the end of a 14 hour day that included posing and dance practices, the squad’s director told nine of the 36 cheerleaders that their work was not done. They had a special assignment for the night. Some of the male sponsors had picked them to be personal escorts at a nightclub. teams have used cheerleaders for far more than sideline dancers during games. cheerleaders filed discrimination complaints and described a hostile work environment in which they were often dangled as sex objects for the titillation of male fans away from the games. cheerleaders revealed a common perspective: They enjoyed performing at games, cheap moncler jackets mens developing friendships with other cheerleaders and participating in charity work, which included visiting hospitals and going overseas to entertain military troops. But they were disturbed by some of the extracurricular requirements that put them in what they considered unsafe situations. moncler jackets outlet online

moncler jackets men This account of the Redskins’ calendar shoot at the Occidental Grand Papagayo is based on interviews with five cheerleaders who were involved, and many details were corroborated with others who heard descriptions of the trip at the time. The cheerleaders spoke on condition of anonymity because they were required to sign confidentiality agreements when they joined the team. moncler jackets men

moncler chicago “It’s just not right to send cheerleaders out with strange men when some of the girls clearly don’t want to go,” one cheerleader who was there said. “But unfortunately, I feel like it won’t change until something terrible happens, like a girl is assaulted in some way, or raped. I moncler sale outlet think teams will start paying attention to this only when it’s too late.” moncler chicago

moncler outlet online Stephanie Jojokian, the longtime director and choreographer for the Redskins’ cheerleaders, disputed much of the women’s description of the cheap moncler coats mens Costa Rica trip. She vehemently denied that the night at the club was mandatory and said that the cheerleaders who went were not chosen by sponsors. moncler outlet online

cheap moncler “I was not forcing anyone to go at all,” Ms. Jojokian said. “I’m the mama bear, and I really look out for everybody, not just the cheerleaders. It’s a big family. We respect each other and our craft. said the league office “has no role in how the clubs which have cheerleaders utilize them.” He reiterated a statement the league has issued in response to previous news reports regarding the treatment of cheerleaders: “Our office will work with our clubs in sharing best practices and employment related processes that will support club cheerleading squads within an appropriate and supportive workplace.” cheap moncler

buy moncler jackets toronto ‘Describe Your Perfect Date’After Daniel Snyder bought the Redskins in 1999, the cheerleading program was given a makeover. He brought it in house it had operated independently and moncler outlet online its style became increasingly risqu. buy moncler jackets toronto

moncler coats sale Mr. Snyder was “bringing the craft closer to pole dancing with every season,” said a 2009 column in The Washington City Paper, moncler uk outlet which referred to an advertisement uk moncler sale on Mr. Snyder’s WTEM AM sports talk radio station that year. In the ad, breathy male voices discussed a listener contest in which “five lucky winners” would have Redskins cheerleaders wash their cars. One man asked the other if he would like the cheerleaders “soaping up and scrubbing you.” moncler coats sale

moncler jacket online In an interactive feature on the Redskins’ website, fans were able to play a version of the “hot or not” game, clicking on a flame to pick between images of two cheerleaders. In online video interviews in the past, the cheerleaders were asked, “Describe your perfect date” and “What’s the first thing you notice moncler usa about a man?” (Since publication of this article, the “hot or not” interactive has been removed). moncler jacket online

cheap moncler jackets wholesale A screen cheap moncler jackets womens grab from the Redskins’ website, which featured an interactive game where fans could choose one moncler sale cheerleader over another based on their pictures. cheap moncler jackets wholesale

moncler outlets usa Many Redskins cheerleaders understand the team’s approach sex sells and remain enthusiastic supporters of the team. They said they moncler womens jackets were troubled, however, when their safety was not taken seriously. There is no leaguewide policy for security, or a union to protect them. moncler outlets usa

moncler jackets cheap A half dozen cheap moncler sale Redskins cheerleaders said Ms. Jojokian seemed especially focused on preserving relationships with businessmen who supported the team and her nonprofit dance company, Capitol Movement. moncler jackets cheap

moncler outlet canada “There was a lot of pressure by the director for us to be a part of that party atmosphere with sponsors because we knew she picked favorites that way,” one cheerleader said of Ms. Jojokian, who in 2011 told women auditioning for the squad, according moncler online store to WJLA TV in Washington: “Don’t cover your chest area too much. We’ll assume moncler outlet store you are trying UK Moncler black friday sale to hide something.” moncler outlet canada

cheap moncler coats for women “It breaks my heart because I’m a mom and I’ve done this for a long time,” she said. “Where is this coming from? I would never put a woman in a situation like that. I actually mentor these women to be strong and to speak up, and it kills me to hear that.” cheap moncler coats for women

moncler outlet online store The Redskins, who said that only six sponsors, including two couples, attended the calendar shoot trip, made available for interviews two cheerleaders who were captains of the squad in 2013. Both women, who spoke on condition of anonymity, praised Ms. Jojokian and said she never forced the cheerleaders moncler outlet woodbury to do anything they didn’t want to do. They said they thoroughly enjoyed their experiences as Redskins cheerleaders. Regarding the evening out with moncler sale online sponsors in Costa Rica, one of them said, “It was actually just a night of relaxation and to be away from it all.” moncler outlet online store

moncler coats A recent contract for Redskins cheerleaders said off the field work would include “community and charitable events, youth camps, etc.” There was no mention of having to entertain men who financially support the team, and these appearances raised flags for some cheerleaders. Teams Use Social Media to Promote, and Control, Cheerleaders] moncler coats

moncler outlet location In 2012, Ms. At a pier in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood where the cheerleaders were to board, they discount moncler jackets discovered that it wasn’t the commercial party boat they had expected. It was a yacht with several men aboard including a familiar face, William R. Teel Jr. moncler outlet location

Moncler Factory Outlet Mr. Teel, 52, was a longtime Redskins suite moncler outlet prices holder and a local businessman with close ties to the team. He lent cornerback Carlos Rogers $125,000 in 2009, and later sued Mr. Rogers to get the money back. Moncler Factory Outlet

moncler jackets toronto He also maintained a close relationship with the cheerleading program. For about a decade, one or both of Mr. Teel’s companies, Energy Enterprise Solutions and 1 Source Consulting, sponsored the cheerleading program and, for a few years, Capitol Movement, Ms. Jojokian’s dance company. As an Army veteran, he said he was drawn to sponsor the cheerleading team because of the many trips it took to entertain United States military troops overseas moncler jackets toronto.