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Canada Goose Coats On Sale Use a thinner cord and lower stitch count to get Quoddy stitch pattern Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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A crash course in growth economics

buy canada goose jacket cheap Congressional Republicans like Canada Goose sale to talk about creating jobs and growing the economy. With canada goose store the government shutdown and canada goose rigid spending cuts, however, Congress created a fiscal drag that cost the economy a full percentage point of economic growth in 2013.

Now, Congressional Republicans are again digging in their heels against measures that would ramp up the economy and generate jobs. growth.

Canada Goose Parka As President Barack Obama buy canada goose jacket cheap barnstorms the country, he should be making the argument that it is not only fair, but smart growth economics to raise the minimum wage, extend unemployment benefits canadagooseoutlet4sale and reduce income inequality. These steps will help accelerate economic recovery this year above its anemic 1.9 percent growth rate in 2013. economic growth for the past three decades, especially the last 10 years, according to a new study by two economists at Washington University in St. Canada Goose Parka Louis.

canada goose store In mid December, The Wall Street Journal ran a chart that explained why. It showed that 90 percent of American households suffered a 10 percent fall in income from 2002 to 2012, while the top one percent enjoyed sharp increases.

Canada Goose Jackets Common sense as well canada goose coats as Macroeconomics 101 tells you that if 270 million Americans earned less in 2012 than in 2002, they had less to spend. They had to cut back on uk canada goose consumption. That caused weaker consumer demand a bad trend, because what economists call “aggregate consumer demand” is the engine of economic growth.

cheap Canada Goose So the declining canada goose clearance sale incomes of 90 percent of Americans over 10 years spell slow recovery, even as corporate profits soar and the stock market hits new highs. We are indeed Two cheap Canada Goose Americas the elite 1 percent riding high and the rest of us mired in the stagnation.

canada goose clearance sale The economic picture was quite different three decades ago. America’s middle class was prosperous. Chief executive officers shared corporate profits. In canada goose clearance the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, Charlie Wilson of General Motors, Reginald Jones of General Electric and Frank canadian goose jacket Abrams of Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon Mobil) practiced “stakeholder capitalism” sharing profits among all stakeholders in the corporation, with workers as well as bosses and owners. To those CEOs, strong wages and generous uk canada goose outlet employee benefits were good business and smart economics.

Not today. The mantra of most modern CEOs is to deliver maximum return to shareholders “shareholder capitalism.” Most gains go to the financial elite, while average Americans face canada goose uk black friday frozen wages, cuts in benefits or jobs shipped overseas.

canada goose clearance Last year, America’s corporate captains spent $750 billion of their $2 trillion in accumulated profits in buying back company stock not on expanding production or hiring more workers. Why? Because that delivers higher stock prices to shareholders and fattens CEO pay Canada Goose Online packages.

canada goose coats on sale If American CEOs had shared more corporate profits with their workforce, average Americans would be better off today and canada goose coats on sale we would all be enjoying a stronger economic recovery.

The same goes for Canada Goose online the minimum wage, which at $7.25 an hour is now about canada goose uk outlet 25 percent lower than in 1968, adjusted for inflation.

canada goose But that is not buy canada goose jacket what you hear from the National Restaurant Association, in which members employ many minimum wage workers. Increasing pay, restaurant owners say, would force them to fire waiters, Canada Goose Coats On Sale raise food prices or both.

Canada Goose sale What the restaurant lobbyists don’t tell you is that the minimum wage for waiters who get tips is $2.13 an hour. What also goes unsaid is that in places like Washington state, where the minimum wage is now $9.32 an hour (before tips), national chains like McDonalds and Burger King, as well as local restaurants, are canada goose black friday sale doing just fine.

canada goose black friday sale It’s important to understand that what may happen in individual restaurants is not what happens in the economy. Raising the minimum wage may crimp the profit margins of some restaurants, but applied nationwide, a higher minimum wage lifts the whole economy. It Canada Goose Jackets puts tens of billions of dollars of increased buying power into the hands of average Americans.

canadian goose jacket If that puzzles you, imagine what would happen if restaurant owners pushed the minimum wage to zero. All those working families would have no money to spend and the economy would shrink from lost cheap canada goose uk buying power. Raising the minimum wage, on the other hand, boosts purchasing Canada Goose Outlet power nationwide. Eventually even minimum wage employers would begin to profit from having more customers with more money to spend.

canada goose coats The same logic applies to extending unemployment insurance. Not only does it give a lifeline to families drowning financially, it pumps purchasing power into the national economy a formula for growth.

Many economists, including former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, warn https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com that unless we take action to break our current cycle of low wages and high economic inequality, we are in for a long period of “secular stagnation.”

Canada Goose Outlet That is economist lingo for a long term economic slump hardly what any of us canada goose factory sale wants.

PHOTO (TOP):Demonstrators gather during a nationwide strike and protest at fast food restaurants to raise the minimum hourly wage to $15 in New York, December 5, 2013. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

PHOTO (INSERT): The Chevrolet Corvette assembly canada goose uk shop line in 1953.

Canada Goose online Iran Contra scandal, 14 indictments, 11 convictions, but Ronny is senile at this point, so he’s not responsible.

S scandal, over $1 trillion in cost to taxpayers.

32 convictions in his administration during 8 year term.

canada goose deals James Watt. (The beginning of the end for sound environmental policy.) Say no more, nod nod, wink wink.

45pm: Holly Watt, Whitehall Editor of the Daily Telegraph,

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You’ve got to have a pretty compelling reason to layer on the wool nikeairmaxwr , zip into a drysuit, and slide into Arctic waters chilled to roughly 36 degrees F during mid-winter in Norway. How about floating withorcas on the hunt for shoaling herring? This is serious snorkeling.From December until early February, hundreds of orcas lured by a moveable feast of understandably skittish herring make their way into Andfjord in Northern Norway’s Vesterålen archipelago for an all out feeding frenzy. That you can get into the water to snorkel with the animals as the dinner bell is ringing is one of those things that hardly seems like it should be possible, but readily is.Orcas are regularly seen along the coastlines in places like New Zealand and British Columbia, but only in Norway can you get into the water to snorkel with the ocean’s apex predator. And Andfjord’s proximity to the continental shelf – which comes closer to the town of Andenes here than anywhere else along the Norwegian coast – brings the deep water action and inhabitants surprisingly close to land.(Photograph byCamilla Figenschou)“Every day is different,” explains Rolf Malnes, captain and owner of Lofoten Opplevelser, an operator that brings drysuit-clad snorkelers out from the harbor in Andenes aboard RIB boats to snorkel with the whales (about $250 per person), which are often spotted just minutes after leaving port.The orcas’ movement along the coast of Norway has everything to do with the herring, explains Malnes. Before the herring were coming into Andfjord to spend its overwintering months, says Malnes, it was Tysfjord, a few hours to the south, that saw the lion’s share of the herring and thus the orcas and orca snorkeling tourism. But all that stopped around 2012, when the herring switched their hiding place.RELATED: The Best Snorkeling Spots in the World“The herring keep changing their patterns because they hope to fool the predators,” Malnes explains, “It’s in the genes of the fish to go deep into the fjord to hide in the winter time because the waters are more protected.” It’s also in the genes of orcas to hunt herring.“The orcas were swimming by at a distance of about 5 or 6 meters and it seemed they were checking me out while keeping the herring together (in a bait ball),” says German underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich of a recent encounter, “It was definitely a respectful feeling, seeing them first on the surface, then putting your head under and seeing the entire animal.”Orcas aren’t the only mammalsin the water. The waters are brimming withwhalesthat use the deep waters along the continental shelf as a sort of migratory highway. Humpbacks, minkes, and fin whales (the second largest whale in the world after the blue whale) all converge off Andenes when the herring are shoaling and can be spotted by snorkelers. During the summer months, sperm whales are regularly seen in these waters, too.Sven Gust of Northern Explorers—another operator that takes snorkelers out to see the whales, this time aboard a former whaling ship – agrees that this “Arctic sardine run” offers a singular snorkeling experience.(Photograph by barba.no)“What we have here is unique in the last decades in Norway. On a scouting mission last year we saw what must have been thousands of orcas just offshore from Andenes,” says Gust, “and there were huge numbers of humpbacks, too.”“The whales are looking for the easiest way to eat,” says Gust, adding that orcas have been seen following humpbacks into the depths hoping to capitalize on the leftovers after the baleen-feeders take more than a mouthful. And humpbacks have also been seen here cutting through a bait ball formed by the orcas (which need to gather the herring together and then strike them with their tails to daze and eat the fish one by one) for a ready-prepared meal.And while it’s tempting to try to approach the whales or even swim through the shimmering bait ball (yes, more than one snorkeler and free diver has dared), your best bet is just to lay in wait.“If they don’t want contact with us we see it quite soon and we just have to wait,” says Malnes. But when it’s time to enter the water, the best thing to do is to lie still on the surface, avoid splashing and wait for the whales to pass by, he says.Waiting to go to Andenes to snorkel with orcas, however nikeairmaxwr , isn’t a good move. “This isn’t a place that’s going to be the same for the next 50 years,” says Gust, “If you want to do something like this, do it in the next two to three years because we don’t know where the herring will go from here.”

Why You Should Go Snorkeling in Norway, During the Winter

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